Clayton Gospel Hall.
"God cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7
Shepherds of Clayton Gospel Hall
Shepherds of Clayton Gospel Hall
Our membership annually elect or reappoint a team of deacons to steer our church family. Our current diaconate is: Nicola Johnson, Antony Perkin, Christopher Rushton.

David Jackson, pastor 2008-2014.
Peter Benn, co-elder / pastor 1978-2009.
Charlie Firth, co-elder 1928-1978.
Richard Stammers, senior elder 1928.

David Jackson
Upon Peter Benn's long anticipated announcement that he would be emigrating to Canada, the church family were blessed to welcome a new pastor, Rev. David Jackson.
     During his seven years at Clayton Gospel Hall, Pastor David oversaw the refurbishment of the hall, encouraged involvement within Clayton Churches Together and, most notably, launched numerous outreach projects to engage with the surrounding community. His popularity was evidenced in the attendance at his funeral, which overflowed into the
outside yard. A fitting tribute to a much loved and much missed pastor.

  Peter Benn
Peter Benn came to faith as a sixteen year old attending youth events at Kensington Hall in Girlington. Within six months, the elders had placed him on a soap box in the city centre so that he could share his testimony with passers by. Thus began a preaching and teaching career, spanning forty-seven years at Kensington & Clayton Gospel Halls and continuing to this day in Canada, where he is pastoring a newly planted church.

Charlie Firth
Known to friends as Charlie, Charles Firth was involved throughout his life with "the Gospellers". Originally serving as a Sunday school teacher during the early Village School meetings - when children sold oranges to raise money for the building fund - Charlie would later succeed his father as a trustee of the new Gospel Hall, remaining faithful right up until the merger with a like minded group of Christians from Girlington.
     Charlie never sought to lead on his own, instead he would help out wherever he saw a need; be it through securing joiners to work on the church roof, arranging the delivery of new chairs, leading the annual Whitsun Walk or taking communion to a local nursing home.

  Richard Stammers
Mr Stammers arrived in Clayton in 1875 as a young man looking for agricultural work. He came to faith sitting on the stairs at a house group in Town End Road, where there was not enough space for everyone in the living room. These meetings had been inspired by a visiting open air preacher and would eventually relocate to The Village School (now the library), where Mr Stammers would take turns in leading.
     After receiving an eviction threat in 1906,
Mr Stammers spearheaded a building fund to allow the group, known locally as "the Gospellers", to erect their own premises. As senior elder, Mr Stammers cut the ribbon at the eventual opening ceremony of Clayton Gospel Hall on Saturday 10th March 1928. He passed away later the same year.