Clayton Gospel Hall.
"God cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7

Special Notices
Tuesday 3rd Oct.
2:30pm Holly Park Care Home Visit.
- Clayton Churches Together.

Thursday 19th October

10:30am-3:30pm Vintage Cash Cow.

Last month’s collection: £579.10

Our thanks this month:

For regular giving towards the ongoing work of the church family.

Prayer Requests
For those recovering from illness or caring for others.


McMillan Coffee Morning
A ‘Vintage Coffee Morning’ fundraiser for McMillan Cancer Support will be at The Thornaby Hub on Monday 2nd October, 11am-2pm.

Local Churches

Clayton Methodist Church now host free table tennis for all (‘Ping’) on Mondays 10:30am-12noon, whilst a new ‘All Age Drop In’ project will launch at the Baptist Church, 1-3pm on Mondays from 2nd October, and an ‘Alpha’ course is also underway at St John’s, 7pm on Wednesdays.
    Please pray for these outreach initiatives, along with our own lunch-clubs and youth nights, to produce fruit for God’s kingdom.


Word Alive
Stuart Hacking will be speaking at this month’s Word Alive: ‘enduring where there is extremism’ on Friday 20th October, 7:30pm at Church On The Way (BD10 8SA). All welcome.
     A big ‘thank you’ to our kind ladies for taking on serving the refreshments after these meetings.

Missionary News
Wycliffe Bible Translators take their name from ‘the morning star of the reformation’, John Wycliffe, the first to translate The Bible into English.
Although their predecessor’s works were largely destroyed, WBT now
operate in 262 languages, that are spoken by 369 million people in 48 countries. Yet there is work to be done. A fifth of the world’s current population – 1.5 billion people – still do not have a Bible to read in their own language.
     Please pray for all who work around the world to achieve WBT’s goal of 'everyone having the chance to engage with the message of Jesus in the language that speaks to them best’ and give God thanks for five hundred years of translations.

The Persecuted Church
Please give thanks for our freedom to gather together in safety, with the word of God central to everything that we do, and pray for those who cannot enjoy the same liberties.
     Before reformations began to sweep Europe during the sixteenth century, most worship services had become fixated upon the mass and preaching the gospel was rare.
Please pray that we in the UK would use our hard won freedoms wisely and that, in other countries, those who cannot share God’s word openly would be able to in secret.

Encouraging Words

My conscience is captive to the word of God. Martin Luther 

Five hundred years ago this month, 31.10.1517, a German monk felt so strongly that churches needed to be reformed that he wrote to religious leaders listing 95 theses (points for consideration) and nailed invitations to debate to the door of a church in Wittenberg.
This kickstarted a worldwide rejection of corrupt leaderships and a return to teaching The Bible within corporate worship. The men and women advocating reform have summarised their ideals in five key principles, ‘The Five Solas’ - ‘sola’ is ‘alone’ in Latin.

Sola scriptura: The authority God’s word alone.
Sola fide: Justification by faith alone.
Sola gratia: Justification though grace alone.
Sola Christus:
Faith in Christ alone.
Sola Deo gloria: Salvation for the glory of God alone.

As we celebrate these central truths together this month, may we all too rediscover that ‘the true treasure of the Church is the most holy gospel of the glory and the grace of God. 

Christopher Rushton