Clayton Gospel Hall.
"I am making all things new." Revelation 21:5

Prayer for this time of Corona Virus:
Creator Lord,
On this earth, all things are made by You, and for You, including ourselves.
Be near to us now in our hour of need.
We pray Your restraining hand on this virus – disturbing our land; our world.
To people of science – give clear guidance, and the ability to assess accurately all information.
To politicians and world leaders – bestow insight and discernment that they may be guided to make right judgements.
To those who worry about their loved ones – grant loving trust and Your peace. Encircle all of us Lord.
To those who bear the responsibility of caring for others – bless them with health and necessary strength.
To overstretched doctors, nurses, and all who care for the sick – keep them well, and uplifted in spirit.
To those especially vulnerable to the virus attack, grant resilience and strength of body to resist undue harm.
To many today who are anxious and alarmed about the present, and the future - for whatever reason - bring quietness of mind and spirit, freedom from fear, and the practical help they need.
And for those currently suffering the disease, we pray for healing and easing of symptoms and worry. Amen.

Prayer for Clayton:
And, here within our own community, we pray for hearts to turn to Christ, souls to be saved and lives to be changed for You glory and honour.
Thy kingdom come. Amen.